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It All Began With Field Hockey

June 26th, 2018 |


Field Hockey Led to Donegal Square?

Yes, it did! Neville Gardner, our fearless leader at Donegal Square and McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub, was once a young lad who was quite good at field hockey. So good, in fact, that he played for the Irish national team! In 1978, he was at a hockey tournament in Canada and was struck by Cupid’s Arrow–he fell in love with the lovely Linda from Bethlehem. Ah, young love.

Coming to America

‘Tis Himself! Neville circa 1973 (love the hairdo)

A short time later, Neville moved to the United States with his worldly possessions in two duffle bags, plus a third bag filled with field hockey sticks. His plan was to support himself by selling these sticks (ever the entrepreneur, even then!). Neville did get a “real job” as a civil engineer, but realized there was a market for Irish and British goods when friends kept asking him to bring items back from his homeland. In 1985, Donegal Square was born.




Fast Forward a Few Decades

Phoenix hockey sticks, proudly US-made

Donegal Square is celebrating 33 years of being on Main Street in Bethlehem. Our loyal customers, friends and many visitors have helped us (and McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub) become the Lehigh Valley’s Celtic destination.

Neville still plays field hockey, representing the United States on the Masters-level 60+ team. And he is still an entrepreneur at heart. Together with partners, Neville started Phoenix Hockey USA, designing and manufacturing indoor and outdoor field hockey sticks in state of the art materials and designs.