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Kilt Rentals

You have decided to wear a kilt for a special occasion.  Anyone can wear a suit or a tuxedo, but a kilt will set you apart from the crowd and honor your Celtic heritage.  It’s PERFECT for weddings, proms, reunions and special events.

In our Kilt Rental Program, we primarily offer the Black Watch tartan, with a smaller selection of sizes in the Irish National Tartan. We urge everyone to reserve early, especially if it is a large wedding party.

You may wish to honor your Celtic heritage with a CUSTOM MADE kilt or accessories in a specific tartan. Any of our associates can guide you through the process of selecting a tartan, measure you to ensure a perfect fit and assist you in selecting the proper accessories for your kilt outfit.

It is important to remember that custom made items require more time to produce. Since these items are made to your specifications and imported, we highly recommend allowing at least 8-10 weeks before your event to ensure your garment arrives in a timely manner.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a custom made kilt, many tartans are available in tie weight material to make vests, ties, scarves and shawls.

What is a Tartan?

Tartan refers to the pattern of interlocking stripes, running in both the warp and weft in the cloth (horizontal and vertical), or any representation of such a woven design in other media (printed, painted, or otherwise rendered).  Usually the fabric is woven into a pattern incorporating horizontal and vertical stripes forming a repeating square pattern known as the “sett”.  There are different sett sizes for various articles of clothing such as ties and kilts.  During the weaving process the sett is scaled to see the repeating pattern correctly, because a kilt made with a pattern designed for a tie would look strange, and a tie made with a sett intended for a kilt wouldn’t be able to display the whole sett.

Custom Celtic “Clan Tartans”

Typically today people think of “clan tartans” which are tartan designs that represent certain Scottish clans and families.  While this is typical, it was not always so.  

There are many Tartan Weavers in Scotland and the rest of the UK who weave Kilt weight material and a lighter tie weight fabric.  Although most of the fabric is made from wool,  Marton Mills in the north of England has the capability to make tartan in Polyviscose which is a much more affordable alternative. Pricing for tartans varies from weaver to weaver depending on the weight and the company.  A heavier weight tartan will hold a pleat better and is preferred, but will obviously cost more.

How it Works

3-Day Rental: $175


  • Kilt in Black Watch Tartan *
  • Prince Charlie Jacket
  • Kilt Belt & Buckle
  • Sporran & Sporran Chain
  • Bow Tie & Flashes

Full Kilt Rental with Ghillie Brogue Shoes: $195

Fitting appointments are encouraged by not required. To schedule a kilt rental fitting, call (610) 866-3244.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of the reservation. When rental is picked up, a major credit card is required for a security deposit equal to the value of the rental.

If you do not require the full kilt rental, you can rent just the pieces you need to complete your outfit!

Rent following items a la carte:
(Reserve early for best selection!)

  • Kilt Only: $60
  • Prince Charlie Jacket: $75
  • Kilt Belt & Buckle: $20
  • Sporran & Sporran Chain: $ 25
  • Sporran Chain Only: $ 10
  • Flashes: $5
  • Bow Tie: $5
  • Ruche Tie $10
  • Fly Plaid & Brooch: $35

PLEASE NOTE: Wing Collar Shirt and Kilt Hose available for PURCHASE only. Kilts in Irish National tartan available in limited sizes.

Kilt Details

3 Important Kilt Measurements

  1. Waist: at belly button, tape pulled tight
  2. Seat: around widest part of seat/hips, tape pulled tight
  3. Length: while kneeling we measure waist to floor – 1 inch , ideally.  The kilt should not be above knee and should not cover whole knee. Ideally it should lay at mid knee.

Kilt belt should sit on top of hip bones, belt is 3 inches so top should be 3 “ above hip bones or at belly button.

Important Jacket Information

  • House of Edgar Crail Jackets  We recommend to order your regular jacket size. They do run true to size.
  • Prince Charlie Jackets  We recommend to try our samples on to find a true fit.
  • Suiting/Jacket Fabrics Available — can be made custom by Gaelic themes who make all our kilts and custom jackets.

Tartan Accessories: Sashes, Plaids

There are several types of sashes and plaids available in either fringed or plain.  These accessories are typically a square with a pleat in one corner and are worn brooched at the shoulder. A piper plaid (which is almost the cost of a kilt) is pleated and worn wrapped shoulder to waist.  There is also a mini plaid that can be worn more like a scarf on the shoulder.  Sashes, stoles and squares are worn mostly by women and are generally worn to accessorize a dress or suit in family colors — or on a wedding dress in the husband’s or the bride’s own tartan.

Kilt Rental