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Father’s Day at the Square

June 15th, 2021 |


Father’s Day is just around the corner, and all of us here at Donegal Square are looking forward to helping those find the best purchases for his or her pater familias! 

My Irish heritage was first disclosed to me at Donegal Square and Bethlehem’s annual Celtic Classic. My father introduced me to our Irish heritage here, and I cannot help but think of him everyday here in the store, and most especially on Father’s Day!  

More Creative than a Six-Pack

If you pop in this week, you will find our Father’s Day Table, adorned with a variety of Guinness products. We’ve got Guinness T-shirts, keychains, bottle openers, Guinness golf balls, baseball caps (with a bottle opener in the brim!!!) and even Guinness Sticky Onion Marmalade. In the realm of things Scottish, Donegal Square carries a variety of Mullingar Pewter products, such as pocket watches, whiskey glasses, and goblets.

If Your husband Says He Has Everything

If your father fancies Celtic jewelry, our man Keith Jack has a line of dragon weave bracelets that are not only attractive, but durable. And of course, we are the best place to find a true Celtic Cross. Our men’s Celtic cross pendants prove to be the perfect gift, time and time again.

For Your Adventure Buddy

If your father fancies the out of doors, our Dubarry Boots can withstand any and all weather. Most Importantly like most things in our shoppe, imported straight from Ireland. As the world reopens and travel becomes possible, ensure your father is traveling in style with one of our Harris Tweed duffle bags. They’re great for a trip to the British Isles, of course, but the Caribbean sounds pretty nice too!

Happy Father’s Day

I hope your mind is racing with Father’s Day gift possibilities. For 35 years, dads and grandads have been coming through our doors, bringing parents, loved ones, and children, exploring their heritage and taking something memorable with them on the way out. That thing isn’t always tangible. Sometimes it is simply the memory of time spent in this place, with family. And for that we are most proud. Happy Fathers Day, gentlemen. Sláinte!