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Bill Baber’s Handmade Scottish Boutique Collection

September 7th, 2021 |


Bill Baber’s Handmade Scottish Boutique Collection

Meet the newest additions to Donegal Square’s women’s collection: original Scottish knitwear from Edinburgh’s Bill Baber Knitwear. This boutique calls Old Town Edinburgh home and has been producing beautiful handmade Scottish knitwear since 1977. Bill and Helen Baber are at the helm of this knit ship, and they also happen to ship their products worldwide! During the pandemic, the Baber’s vastly expanded their online store, increasing their online sales. Baber’s Free Shipping Worldwide offer was well received and has encouraged a lot of new buyers like us at Donegal Square to explore the ever developing Bill Baber Knitwear collection.  What makes Baber items so unique? They are an exquisite weave of authentic and natural fibres such as silk, cashmere, Merino wool, and linen. Perfect for the transition between Summer and Autumn, Baber’s scarves, tops, and shawls are just the right combination of warmth and breathability. Here is a little bit of detail on the newest items we just received from across the pond. 


The Ballater Shawl

This shawl is knit using Baber’s signature silk and linen mix. A sailor’s knot inspired design lines the trim for a bold, modern touch. 


The Crail Top

A new style, and just right for our shoppe because this top is knit from a blend of Donegal spun Merino wool, colorful linen, and cotton. The weight of the fabric is light, but warm. Three quarter length sleeves, and does not cling to the body, giving it another dimension of breathability. You will love it!


The Pod Top

Pod Tops- my personal favorite! Short sleeved, loose fitting, and  knitted in soft merino wool. The collar is detailed with the most subtle ribbed effect. This top is great all year round. Available in our store in a luscious violet and verdant green. 


The Shell Brooch

Get yourself one of these before they are all gone!  Baber carries these stunning brooches handmade by Maggie Lord at Skaramanda Brooches. She describes them as “art to wear”. We could not agree more. 



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