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Keith Jack: Celtic Inspired Jewellry

June 15th, 2022 |


We are happy to give you an inside look into the creative genius of jewelry designer, Keith Jack. Originally from Scotland, Keith emigrated to Western Canada where his product line exploded into vibrant, traditional and contemporary Celtic designs.  While deeply inspired by his Scottish roots, Keith takes the ancient symbols of his culture and interprets them in a way that can be readily enjoyed today. As will soon become obvious, Keith prides himself in having a meaning and a story behind each creation.

Donegal Square’s relationship with Keith Jack began 8 years ago when we began carrying his line. The first collection, the “Window to the Soul,” is constructed of sterling silver with 14K gold on the inside. The “Cradle of Life” was added next. With its swirling design and trinity knot embellishment, it speaks to the ups and downs of life, eternity, and the birth of new ideas whether from the past, present, or future. The “Tree of Life” collection presents a concept that is familiar and loved across many ages and many cultures. Available with silver or gold leaves, it shows roots reaching down to the earth and branches reaching to the heavens and to our ancestors. Whether rings, necklaces, or bracelets, there are numerous expressions of this important idea throughout Keith’s collection, and they are typically in sterling silver, some with 14K gold accents.

One of his most current collections is inspired from the Viking influence of days long past but found in Celtic culture and society today.  Keith celebrates the Viking story in many exciting pieces. Our original piece features a Viking rune that says, “Remember me, I remember you, love me, I love you.” It can be found in a necklace form or in a bracelet that has the translation of the runes on the inside. Another rune, found in both pendant and bangle says, “Love conquers all, let us yield to love.”

As his bracelet line continued, Keith added bronze to some of his designs; this gave his pieces a medieval touch without the added expense that gold brings, and giving us a multi-metal feel.  His Norse Forge line has bracelets of different lengths with chains of dainty or heavier construction, per the customer’s liking.  The styling is more textural and the choices are plentiful, and as Neville says, “A person could go daft on Keith Jack here!”

Rings in Keith’s collection can cover any occasion. Whether celebrating a special milestone, a marriage or one’s culture, there is something for everyone. There are rings with thistle designs,  , and some with gemstones or diamonds at a wide range of prices.  Most are a sterling silver and gold combo. One piece of particular note is the Star of Bethlehem ring. It is a two-toned ring, and we are really proud to combine our culture with one of Keith Jack’s designs!

His Celtic cross necklace collection is more medieval in design. It gives a very strong impression with  black detailing and good markings on all sides. At first glance some look like  biker crosses, but on a closer look, one could almost imagine a Viking warrior wearing one, the design is that similar! 

In the Norse Forge Collection, Keith takes it a step further, by representing the Norse God of war, Thor, in a piece called Thor’s Hammer. This unique item is a 2-toned bronze hammer, with sterling silver on one side and bronze on the other; it has a particularly sturdy chain and is ready for heavy use.

The last piece that fits into this collection is called the Viking sword. This singular item is shaped like a dog tag and features a bronze cross in the center with Celtic knot embellishments on a heavy chain. It is a hefty piece that definitely makes a strong statement.

Keith’s line tends to be unisex in orientation and he has a phenomenal range of products available. Primarily he is inspired by traditional symbols, the  Celtic culture and by nature. Rocks, thistle, solstice, dragon flies,  birds, eagles, ravens, wolves and rampant lions are all inspiration to him and are represented throughout his collection. His products come in a very wide range of prices and can be purchased in sterling silver, gold, or a combo. We have a great sampling of his products in the store or we can order your heart’s delight.  Here’s hoping we see you soon!