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Shanore’s New Gents’ Line

June 24th, 2022 |


Searching for that “perfect” gift for the man in your life? Men’s Celtic jewellery may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but Shanore’s new “Spirit of the Celt” Gentlemen’s collection opens up a world of possibilities full of meaning and symbolism.

Whether for Dad, Grandfather, uncle, godfather, friend, or son, this premiering collection evokes the power and strength of the spirits of the Earth, the Sky, the Hunter and the Spirit of Water. These various spirits protected and guided ancient Celtic warriors and are bound to guard and inspire the “warrior” in anyone today.

The spirit of the Earth empowered many Celtic myths. With its wide variety of designs, each piece has a unique way of expressing the unique properties of Earth and the supernatural forces that empowered Celts of days past.

The Sky collection suggests the powers of nature and the Sky’s Spirit.  Each piece is evocative of the oftentimes defiant forces of the Irish winds, rains and thunders. Many pieces are decorated with onyx due to its traditional value of warding off evil and providing protection, making onyx a perfect complement to the meaning of the Sky collection.

The Hunter collection holds within it the forcefulness and bravery of the Hunter’s Spirit. Due to its connection to royalty, spinel semi-precious stones are used to adorn this collection. Through them and the design of the Hunter collection, the same courage and boldness that empowered and inspired both Celtic warriors and royalty can empower and inspire the Hunter of today.

The Spirit of Water collection is adorned with lapis semi-precious stones. Valued for its rich blue color, lapis illustrates the wildness of the seas, rivers and springs that shape and re-shape the untamed Irish landscape and is a fitting addition to the Spirit of Water collection.

Each piece blurs the lines between the natural and supernatural. They are made of sterling silver with symbolic embellishments, and heavy chains. All are comprised with the quality of workmanship and Celtic meaningfulness for which Shanore is known. Come see us at our store or on the web to find the inspiration and meaning that you are looking for!