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Lughnasadh: Start of the Harvest Season

August 1st, 2022 |


Lughnasadh: Start of the Harvest Season

In the Celtic year, August 1 is the holiday of Lughnasadh (pronounced loo-NAS-ah), also known as Lammas Day or Loaf Mass Day. Set between the summer (Litha) and the fall equinox (Mabon) during ancient times, Lughnasadh was, and still is, one of the most joyful festivals. In addition to marking the beginning of autumn and the decline of summer, Lughnasadh celebrated the First Harvest of subsistence crops such as wheat, barley, oats and corn. Knowing that the “threshold of plenty had been passed,” the beginning of the harvest season was a natural time to celebrate and to give thanks to Nature and to the Divine for the foodstuffs that would see ancient Celts through the harsh realities of winter in the Celtic Isles.

Today Lughnasadh is recognized in Irish culture, and many traditions are alive and well!   August 1 is a popular day to climb Croagh Patrick, and festivals throughout the month of August, or Lúnasa as it is said in Gaelic, can include parades, dancing, arts and crafts, and horse and cattle markets. Sunflowers, sheaves of grain, and harvest tools such as scythes or sheathing tools, are symbols of the season, as are the colors yellow, green, brown, and orange. The foods typically associated with Lughnasadh are apples, berries, herbs, and root vegetables; due to the harvesting of various grains, homemade bread is a natural and tasty expression of the season.

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