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The Handmade Soap Company

August 17th, 2022 |


The Handmade Soap Company is Donegal Square’s latest addition to our skin care lines. Based in County Meath, this company prides itself in its strict ethical sourcing policy. Their intent is to leave the smallest footprint imaginable on the earth. They are kind, to each other and to the earth. Their watchword, “Kindness Comes Naturally” is a maxim that we at Donegal Square can get behind too. We are particularly proud to partner with them and to help protect the earth for future generations. 

Begun in 2010 in Donagh and Gemma’s kitchen, the company rapidly expanded and relocated to a 200-year-old linen mill.  Their ideal, “Authentically handmade. Inherently happy,” moved with them, (as did Donagh), and by 2012, only 2 years into production, the Handmade Soap Company began to amass award after award for their fine products and their dedication to the environment.

Since their products are made by hand, they know exactly what goes into each and every one. Individual ingredients are carefully chosen to deliver a product that is 100% natural and gentle, but effective, for all your skin care needs.  In addition, they are free from parabens, SLS, petrochemicals and other synthetics. They are cruelty free and vegan friendly as well. At Donegal Square you can find their gift sets, body lotion, gel, soap, hand cream, and cuticle oil.

In their intent to be kind to the earth, The Handmade Soap Company participates with, and has met the standards, of various environmental protection groups such as Ecocert, The Leaping Bunny Program, The Vegan Society, and Repak Green Dot. In addition, they achieved an FSC Approved Sustainable Card for designing packaging that is constructed of wood by-products that come from responsibly managed forests. In addition, all bottles are made from 100% recycled materials and there are no single use plastics.

Besides their products being environmentally responsible, the production facility is too. It uses a hydro turbine for heat and electricity and all inbound packaging is shredded to become outbound packaging. To say that they take ethical sourcing seriously is surely an understatement! We at Donegal Square appreciate what they are doing and hope that you do too! Find some of our favorites online now or shop the full collection in store today. 

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